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The UK Israeli Dance Institute (IDI) aims to encourage as many people as possible to join the circle of Israeli dance enthusiasts around the world and engage with Israel through culture and shared heritage.

IDI Youth - Online Resources

Dance Tours of Israel

We have developed a series of “Tours of Israel” which feature virtual tours (the same material that you might hear on Israel Tour) plus dance tuition at various stages. The dances are accessible, and vary from very easy to challenging, especially with some really current music.

The Tours visit Old and New Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv Yaffo, the North of Israel (including a special segment about the Ethiopian Jewish community) and the South of Israel. We hope to extend the tour of the South in the near future. All tours will soon have subtitles in Russian and Spanish. To gain access FREE of charge, please click HERE.


If you you would like us to contact you in the future to offer other resources for children or youth, teacher training, performing troupes, and information about other IDI activities that may be of interest, please complete the form HERE.

Youth Dance Materials

We have developed a youth dance programme which is aimed at people in youth movements from 11 to 18 years of age. Some of the material can also be used for children and adults. It is based on the idea that you do not have to be an expert dance teacher to learn and share the dances. The music and video are provided free of charge because IDI is a non-profit organisation. We also provide dance notation for all the dances in our youth programme, and the sheet music and song words with guitar chords so you can download and use them in your Shironim. In due course we will add other relevant dances which will broaden your repertoire.

Online Videos

There is a video training film for each dance. You can learn how to breakdown the teaching into sections. We go through the moves and then demonstrate to music.

Audio files

We will send you MP3 files for the music of all the dances. We ask that you only use the music for youth work and do not at any time try to pass the music for sale.

Step-by-step instructions

You can compare the video with the written notation which is useful as a memory jogger when you have to teach.


In order to access the materials you need to sign up. We need to know who is using the material and where they are based in order to provide follow-up training opportunities. We are asking for a one off registration fee of £18 to access the material.

If you belong to a youth movement or student organisation supported by UJIA in the UK , or are part of UJIA JAMS, you do not have to pay at all but you still need to register.


Customer support

If you have problems using the site please contact us immediately and we will try to resolve your problems as soon as possible.

Learn to teach

It is possible to learn the dances on-line BUT if you want help just contact us by email ( or phone (+44 7980 451912) and we will try to arrange some support for you. We run regular training courses.

New resources

We will email you when we upload new materials of any kind.

Other materials

We have some other resource materials including a number of DVDs (and CDs and books) showing dances which may be useful for your activity.

Become a pro

If you want to enhance your teaching skills you should consider attending our summer training course, Machol Europa. Details are on the Machol Europa page where you can also see how much fun there is in learning in the embedded video . You can call for details including the 2 day course at the University of Surrey which runs on the Sunday and Monday before the main course. We train teachers from around the world: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Cuba, Israel, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Spain and other countries including the UK. 

IDI has been able to provide this youth programme through the generosity of the Children’s Aid Committee and UJIA

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