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The UK Israeli Dance Institute (IDI) aims to encourage the Jewish and wider community to join the circle of Israeli dance enthusiasts around the world and engage with Israel through culture.

We train teachers from around the world including Eastern & Western Europe and North & South America including the UK. Please browse our website to see more about this work.

Dance Materials For Primary (Elementary) Schools

Online Resources

We have developed a dance programme for Jewish Festivals primarily aimed at children in primary (elementary) schools but also suitable for teaching older children and adults about Jewish Festivals. Our materials are designed to support both experienced teachers and educators with little experience of teaching dance.

Online Videos

We will send you a list of video links. You can learn how to breakdown the teaching into sections. We go through the moves and then demonstrate to music.

Audio files

We will send you MP3 files for the music of all the dances. We ask that you only use the music for work in schools and do not at any time try to pass the music for sale.

Step-by-step instructions

You can compare the on-line video with the written notation which is useful as a memory jogger when you teach.

Learn to teach

It is possible to learn the dances by using the video links BUT if you want help just contact us by email ( or phone (+44 20 8209 3155) and we will try to arrange some support for you. We run regular training courses which UK teachers can easily access plus a training course in London for 2 days at the beginning of every August (subject to Covid-19 restrictions).

Customer support

If you have problems using the material we send you please contact us immediately and we will try to resolve your problems as soon as possible.

Use of materials

Since IDI is a non-profit organisation, the music, videos, sheet music and song words are provided free of charge to other non-profit organisations and schools. We will NOT supply materials to individuals who intend to use the materials for commercial purposes. If you have any query about the use of the materials, please contact the IDI.

Accessing materials

In order to access the materials, you need to sign up, so that we can provide follow-up training opportunities and that you will have access to any updates. In due course, we intend to introduce new songs and dances.

We are asking for a one-off payment of £18 to access the material. This fee is to help us pay for the costs of maintaining our website, lesson plans etc. As stated above, it does not cover music or video, song words and sheet music, which are free for registered users. 

After registration, you will receive the music, lyrics, sheet music and lesson plans and dance notation, as well as video links to enable you to watch the dance training. 

Click HERE to start

Please be aware that when you register with IDI, we may provide your email contact addresses to the record companies listed below which have allowed us to use their music. No other data will be shared outside the organisation because of GDPR regulations. 


We would like to acknowledge the assistance of Raya Spivak, the creator of many of the dances, who inspired this programme. She and her late husband, Yossi, provided the bulk of the creativity and the material.  We also want to thank Yael Ya’akobi for continuing the work started by Raya and Susy Stone for contributing the lesson plans and teaching notes.

We would also like to thank the following record companies for using their recordings. While UK law enables us to use the material for educational purpose without paying a royalty, we have paid a license fee to the companies involved as a gesture of good will. We recommend you visit their websites to find other music for dance and enjoyment:


We also want to thank the estate of the late Debbie Friedman for permission to use her version of “Brachot Lehavdala”.

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