Nitzanim is IDI’s youth performing troupe. They have performed at
Simcha in the [Trafalgar] Square, at events for the Greek and Turkish
communities in London and the British Library, as well as at Jewish
community events and the IDI Children’s Dance Festival and Rikudiya.

Their repertoire includes:
  * Goral Echad
  * Oleh Oleh!

  • Haperach Begani (Flower in the Garden)
  • Shir (Let’s Sing)
  • Debka Oud – Oriental dance
  • Rokdim Yechefim (They danced with bare feet)

    • * Adama Veshamayim (Heaven & Earth)
      * Ahava Pshuta
      * Rikud Hashvatim

      Membership is open to all those at Secondary school.

      Nitzanim meet every Monday night during term from 7.00 to 8.30 pm in Temple Fortune, London NW11.

      For more information please call; 020 8209 3155

      or email:

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